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Nov 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
it was inappropriate with a sequa document and voted the 2010 conditional use. the city choose not to appeal that but the eir which you analyzed and the intense indication would have any impacts on the environment. the eir included it would not have any impacts nor litigation measures but the eir is recommending draft motions. in its 2013 motion the interpretation upheld the board of appeals termths that the masonic was constructed as a entertainment viewpoint not as a private lodge. there are some apparently that had mr. wallace is a private lodge and no entertainment should be held, however, it was revolved by the board of appeals and it upheld it and no is not prevented from convert the non conforming use to a conditional use. and it's determined by the board of appeals and the supreme courts. while the eir was to allow the begins to continue. earlier this year i'm pleased to announce to you we've reached a settlement and 9 individual neighbors who participated in the litigation against the city have agreed to a strike limit to 79 fire department's and only 54 of the event maybe music's c
Nov 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
. and we have with us today diane oshima, an old friend. diane used to work for the planning department in environmental review, right? >> that's right. >> you're now -- good memory. i have close relations with the planning department. >> true. >> very close. >> yes. >> my wife retired from the planning department. [laughter] >> and diane is now deputy director for planning -- waterfront planning at the port. so she knows what's happening now and a lot of the history. and chris verplank san architectural historian who knows a whole lot of history about the waterfront. he and i drove some portions of it the other day and took some slides we're going to used to as our spring board for discussion. we invite you all just to share your questions. we'll give you the microphone and speak into the microphone. i thought what we could do is start by taking a look at a few pictures of what san francisco looked like historically so we have some reference to compare the waterfront over the years. san francisco started as a port city. that's why we're here. this was an ideal place for people to estab
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
drivers to drive cautiously and pedestrians when you're crossing the street to use caution. >> three deadly accidents involving people crossing the street in just two days. last night, a woman was killed crossing near monterey road and san jose avenue, when police say she was hit by a vehicle. the driver who hit her stayed and cooperated with investigators. >> the pedestrian appeared to be transient and was crossing the road in between the intersections. the driver of the vehicle did say she was wearing all dark clothing which made it very difficult to see her crossing the street. >> reporter: sunday night, a 15- year-old girl was killed near highland and white road after she was hit by a vehicle. san jose police say in both cases, the two victims were crossing the street, where they weren't supposed to. >> but that wasn't the case for little elijah. >> the little kid just died on the side of the road just crossing the street. it is wrong. >> reporter: the 3-year-old was in a stroller and in a cross walk. when he and two others were hit near washington elementary school. the little b
Nov 10, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> good morning. >> tell us a little bit about your program. >> we started the program about a year ago. it is actually an episcopal church. >> okay. >> it was a little emergency food pantry. we took it over. we knew we had to keep it running. as soon as we began to talk with the food bank, we realized -- they told us we were at the center of hunger. and that rfid bank has the potential to feed a lot more people. so they asked us to go to the client choice of model, which is a model open to diversity. we began to switch out our model. and very quickly, we grew up to -- about 220 families. and the families average between four and five people. from 1-year-old 27 years old -- up to seven years old. >> we mentioned the hunger. and that food stamps are being cut back. will that affect you? >> we are expecting that to affect us quite a bit. the food pantry picks up at the end of the month, when money runs out. although we are busy all month long. we have this one day a week on wednesday. and, yes, there are large families. we have only been going for one year. we don't know exactly wh
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
a short time ago. ktvu's alex savidge was there and joins us live with what led deputies to the suspects and what the victims' family said today at the announcement. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. the victims' family has waited a lon time for this. they tell me they never gave up hope. it's been more than two decades in this case. it's been a lot of frustration, a lot of despair for this family but they are glad with the work that the cold case detectives have put in, in this case and finally, they say, the man accused of killing their beloved father, the two people accused of killing their beloved father, both behind bars. >> we're pretty overwhelmed at the moment. very surreal. not like something can tell you what to expect when this happens. we waited a long, long time. >> reporter: that's tammy borha. she's the victim's father. he was found dead in the east bay hills back in 1990. the homicide was originally investigated by the east bay regional parks police. investigators at the time zeroed in on the victim's ex- wife, sheryl ann dras, and her lover, willia
Nov 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down a 30-foot em bank meant and ended up on its roof in a creek. it happened near th
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> they ordered an aircraft carrier and other u.s. ships to help. they should be arriving in the next 2, 3 days and we posted a list of ways you can help the victims of the typhoon. just go to and scroll to web links. >>> following breaking news in the south bay. pg&e says a power utage effected 5500 customers around 3:00 p.m. a power line came down. we just spoke with pg&e and they say the crews are at the scene and 15 minutes ago there are still 500 customers without power. electricity is expected to be restored to everyone within the hour. >>> police in sclera rest -- santa clara arrested a burglary suspect before 9:00 a.m. this morning. news chopper 2 was over head as they got into position. as a precaution neighbors were evacuated and residents were told -- residents were told to shelter in place. this was after 2:00 p.m. >>> the new 4th over the caldecot tunnel is -- 4th bore of the caldecot tunnel is set to open this month. ktvu's tom vacar is here with more. >> you may see that for the next few days. it is a series of various responders, police, fire and emergency responder
Nov 5, 2013 10:00am PST
it. and when. yours. the us the winds. the atlantic forest a bit sick of the second lead over st a fingerprint or told me with queen elizabeth the second is an old summit but the minister didn't have a drink before he stepped to the pass is a motion calling for get this bad events of the far left wing hit by progressive party accusing it of promoting north korean ideology is seeking to overthrow the government once the new generation of plastic that stronger and more rigid than the airline has been developed and commercialized in korea. it uses the new material called all the kinks out and will tell you what it takes a look next to me. welcome to primetime years it's to say november fifth here in korea lot from fulltime to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with president fox latest news overseas after wrapping up or stayed in paris. hockey is now in london on the second leg of her european tour to get her state visit by attending a welcoming ceremony where she reportedly received the royal treatment from buckingham palace the president's office correspo
Nov 16, 2013 7:00am PST
area. thanks for joining us, i'm mark kelly. >> it's a chilly start in somestarts right now. 44 degrees. we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast in a few minutes. >>> new this morning, the tunnel has just opened. the tunnel is running between oakland, opening up at 4:20 this morning. well the chp planned to lead the first cars through the first bore, but two cars raced past the official opening prompting a bit of a chase there. the $417 million project makes it unnecessary for cal tran to keep changing the direction of traffic through the second time during the peak commute hours. >> we'll see a huge affect in the offpeak direction. people coming from the oakland side to the other in the morning as they will experience for the first time, two opened up for them. which should hopefully keep the offbeat direction moving faster. similarly in the afternoon we're going to see a huge reduction in the normal offpeak build up back here on the other side. >> and as planned, drivers are heading eastbound on weekday mornings that will shave at least five minutes off their trip. and westbou
Nov 19, 2013 11:30pm PST
tonight, and it is the result of a horrible, horrible accident. >> this woman tells us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down
Nov 26, 2013 8:30am PST
will not be used for agriculture it could be transferred to commercial usage in the near future. if you're not a plan to meet diana properly hundred thirty two in the round twenty one trillion dollars. without the huge valuation of all the distribution of the comparable land is still under negotiation with the circle of local government. next up and out of the daily content that the government proves private capital to the hospital recently defected to the government to pocket to encourage private capital to invest in hospital. according to the new coffee you and use for building medical attention. the only be charged by thirty percent of the server to win prizes. can you call the office that the private office to provide at least fifty percent of the medical terms the total medical resources in the hospital. when the package that meant that engine to the governor will provide one hundred thousand men who run fifty thousand dollars apiece for the top of that. the newolicies in them just named on the medical resources to and private hospitals. to the airport in two thousand four hundred
Nov 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
. a major development only on abc7 news. >> reporter: sources cross to the investigation tell us they solved the mystery of the man who says he saw a person presumably lynn spalding at the bottom of a locked stairwell. now, everybody has been looking for this man, who reported what he saw october 4th, two weeks after spalding vanished from her hospital bed he told the nurse he saw the person lying on the stairs between three ready and 4th floors then, he left quickly the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff deputy to check it out. sheriff mirkarimi says deputies never did check that stairwell. the body was found four days later. the mystery person appears to be the only whoun saw the body during her long disappearance and gators have been looking for him, hoping he can provide answers our sources tell us that the man is a doctor. a visiting doctor from india, working at ucsf in san francisco general. at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you more of what we've learned and why the doctor finally came forward. >> now to police protest about to get underway. some residents in san francisco sa
Nov 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
stab wounds. and police say a suspect has been taken into custody. the vta tells us some southbound trains were delayed for some time. >>> a 14-year-old girl is on life support after being hit while crossing the street right outside of her high school. it's part of an alarming trend in the south bay. patti lee is outside the girl's high school where counselors have been on hand for the past two days. patti. >> reporter: today teachers here at james lake high school have been told to keep an eye out for students who are acting strangely but have not asked for counseling. that's because there's a lot of miss information circling about this accident that took place here sunday night and it's causing some students to start mourning the death of bianca valdez while others are still holding out hope she will recover. pray for bianca is the campaign friends of the 15-year-old are circling privately on instagram. >> she's a beautiful girl. i loved her. i just hope that her funeral is just the way she wanted it. >> reporter: but bianca's boyfriend says he started mourning sunday night after
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
for us. >> several people warned me he would admit nothing. so after an hour and a half i drew as much evidence as i could in this. >> reporter: joe nayso headed from marin county jail to death row in the next week. he's taking his secrets with him. >> here, are you ready to admit anything? no. no. i'm not going admit to any killing or any crime. >> reporter: did you do it? >> no. no. >> did you kill anyone? >> no >> reporter: have you ever killed anyone? >> a judge found he is responsible for the murders of six women, dumping them in remote locations including a beach, an orchard and off the highway. police found a list of ten victims, not identified by name, but where nayso placed bodies. in this case investigators identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's
Nov 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
street nightclub, which hosted a hip-hop event on saturday. the owner told us he doubts anyone inside his club played a part in the crime. police hope surveillance cam florida the area will help identify suspects. >> nobody in custody at this point. our homicide vettors are working on various leads. >> police are asking for public for any information they may have about the murder. >>> tonight san jose police are investigating the city's 42nd 42nd murder this year. police officers found a man who had been shot and killed there have been no arrests. >> some self-described geeks and hackers met in san francisco to tackle gun violence through technology. tackers and community members met at the geek dom office and focused on be violence and the connection to mental health. >> we're also looking at applications that help families, individuals, parents, do a very quick and simple mental health assessment that can be used by a professional to intervene at the appropriate level. >> organizers say technology can cause people to become isolated and appreciate the irony when technology is used to h
Nov 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
at this campus used to be incredibly cheap. it used to be a public university living up to the mission statement of being for the public. now, it's becoming less about that. >> reporter: napolitano wants to make it easier for community college stewed dwroents transfer to the uc system. >> we have breaking news, four marines died in a training accident at camp pendelton in southern california this morning during a range maintenance operation. an sgags n now -- investigation is underway. >> perhaps you felt things shaking again today in san ramone. geologists say the 3.4 quake is part of a swarm of small quakes the quake hit this morning a mile northeast of san ramone followed by a 2.4 quake at 12:47 p.m . sky seven hd checked sab san ramone valley, found no visible signs of damage the quakes are not considered after shocks to yesterday's 2.9 quake. coming up at 4:55 we'll talk with experts to find out this is is something we should be concerned about. >> this is a good reminder for all of us to be prepared >>. california emergency management agency encourages you to keep emergency kits stocked w
Nov 5, 2013 11:00am PST
>>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. 100 people are gathered voicing their anger to sonoma county supervisors over a sheriff deputy fatalling shooting a 13-year-old. andy lopez was killed two weeks ago while holding a realistic looking toy rifle. today is the culmination of protests each day. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield; in santa rosa. >> supervisors set aside two hows for the public discussion. they are 2 1/2 hours into the discussion. they say they want to hear from the public and they want the conversation to continue. >> the supervisors started the meeting with a some -- a solemn tone expressing sympathies. >> it is unimaginable to lose a child and imagine in this particular way. our thoughts and prayers are with the lopez family. >> some offered ideas. >> i would like to represent we consider today setting up a blue ribbon panel charged with recommending that practices and review boards and protocol for officer training. >> they called this special meeting to address the death of 13-year-old andy lopez shot
Nov 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
evening and thank you for joining us. a mystery in santa rosa tonight where police are trying to determine what happened to a boy found barely alive. now thank you for joining us. a 15-year-old boy was found bleeding and unconscious at montgomery high school, local high school. police tonight are trying to figure out what happened and think his injuries could be linked to a dangerous sport. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the school. cornell? >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. he's at children's hospital in oakland fighting for his life. he was found here at montgomery high school laying outside of the gym. police wonder if he was playing an extreme sport on the roof. santa rosa police officers are talking to possible witnesses and looking for any evidence at the spot where a 15-year-old boy was found unconscious with severe head trauma. near the gym on the campus of montgomery high school. >> we're not sure what happened. if it was that he was the victim of felonious assault or if it was just an accident where he fell off the roof here while playing up on t
Nov 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
says he used his mobile phone here to order a ride on uber. but he says the driver assaulted him during an argument. a police report has been filed. but now the question is who is responsible for the driver's behavior? >> as he swatted the phone he hit me on the arm. >> reporter: james says that a ride home with an uber driver got physical. the mobile app told him to expect a silver prius. when a blue prius showed up and the driver knew his name, james got in. he claims that the driver directed racist and homophobic slurs at him. he took this video. >> why don't you get in my face like before. >> reporter: police made no arrests. uber refunded his $14 fare but he says the company is not taking responsibility for the driver's behavior. uber says that authorities responded to the incident determined no action was necessary. but we suspended the account of the involved parties until further notice. >> i was bothered by the word "temporarily" because of what happened. not just because i suspect it had been shared with someone else but because of what transfired. >> reporter: uber says that
Nov 27, 2013 6:00pm PST
along the nimitz freeway at winton avenue in hayward. can you see firefighter his to use flame retardant fliem. to put at the fire out. it is slow going on this wednesday night get away. and many of those drivers on interstate 880 could be headed to a tahoe. here's a webcam showing the traffic on interstate 80 through trucky just a few minutes ago. there is no snow, a clear, drive for motorists drivers out there. and ktvu is everything you need to get around this thanksgiving weekend. click on our traffic tab for road conditions and the late oast flight delays at bay area airports. >> company now a rally and march to honor the memory of harvey milk. chopper 2 is headed to castro. this could cause some traffic issues. on market street, again marching up to the castro area. a candlelight vigil is being held to mark 35 years since the openly gay supervisor and mayor george masconi were both shot and killed inside san francisco city hall by supervisor dan white. . >> the supervisor and mayor have been shot and killed. >> that night, thousands joined together in a spontaneous candlelight vigi
Nov 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> thank you, sal. >>> new at noon -- a man wanted for armed robbery is in custody after briefly escaping u.s. marshals who showed under at his door with a search warrant. that warrant was served after 8:00 this morning at a home on the 3200 block of market street in oakland. but the suspected robber still in his pajamas jump requested out of a window, leading marshalls, police and the fbi on a chase. after an hour and a half search, the suspected robber was found hiding behind the west oakland youth center as was taken into custody. >> at the time they saw the suspect flee, they were confident, he was not armed with any kind of firearm that could impose danger to the public. >> the suspected robber in his 20s has not been identified. >>> oakland police are searching for whoever set a young man on fire while riding an a.c. transit bus. it happened after 5:00 last night on the 57 line near macarthur boulevard and ardly avenue. police sources tell ktvu the victim is 18 years old and he suffered burns to both of his legs. police are reviewing surveillance video from the bus. >>> santa clara coun
Nov 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
/3 of employees use the benefit it would use the district $44 million. a big mistake that raises the contract to $111.2 million. >> reporter: assistant general manager and another general last summer. a time line released tonight shows that the tentative agreement error was created by a temporary employee. b.a.r.t. says they caught the error november 4th. union members have already ratified the deal and union leaders told the board in public comment today they couldn't change the deal without starting all over with another vote. >> you must stand behind what you sign. this was hard negotiations it was not done overnight. >> that is what you paid for. we have a signed tentative agreement that the district was full aware of what it contained. like we're fully aware of what their understanding was. and they are the same. >> reporter: board members say they want more transparency and account accountability around this mistake. and they say they just don't know if they'll be able to put this to a vote. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> unbelievable they're at this point again. jana is there
Nov 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
that changes the knob hill masonic center to another entertainment use to establish food stations. a similar request was approved by the board of supervisors on appeal in 2010. four lawsuits were filed changing that. which also had an effect of avoiding the non use authorization so we had the environmental report that was discussed. the project sponsor filed another certification to allow no new capacitate in the center. that was approved and that was to minimum miss the impacts on the neighborhood. there were restrictions on the event. the center has hosted activities with the variety of events like comedy and naturalization ceremonies. the entertainment activities were non-conforms which didn't permit southern activities. it's been operating with southern activities with other applicable applications until the approval. so the draft is for limiting the number of events and limiting the hours and acholic beverages services and the perimeter for security and noise and parking and loading. i'd be happy to discuss any specifics in detail. those were similar but include other conditions that we
Nov 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
go to see the giants. there is a new destination section on the website that shows us how to get to at&t park. >> there is a section, and account alerts and information on parking and all kinds of stuff, it is so easy to use that even you can use it. >> that is smart. >> are you giving me a compliment. >> i think that i am. >> wow, thanks. >> now you can buy dinner. access useful information, any welcome everyone it's great to see you here. welcome everyone. our topic today is urban regions and 20 percent of the people produce 50 of the out put and people are driving in the economy but economic stagnation and federal gridlock are skooegz the federal government service. add in the pressures of rooirz temperatures and the countries face to daunting channels. urban america needs a new playbook and we'll take a look at that. we have 3 guests mayor ed lee. and the president of the urban management one of the countries largest home bindles and a co- author of how the city's are fixing our fragile developed. please welcome them to planet one. (clapping). thank you gentlemen a
Nov 18, 2013 6:00am PST
this morning about netflix' expansion plan in the south bay. voters may have the final say. matt is joining us to explain from los gatos. >> business is. booing for netflix. the stock is up 275 percent this year. now the expansion plans are getting a boost in los gatos. in 2012 the los gatos town counsel aproved the expand of business court on the other side of highway 85 from the current 250,000 square feet to 485,000 square feet. lawsuits have been filed challenging the new heights of the building. two los gatos residents have filed a letter of intent to circulate a petition if approved will allow for the business park to go on as landed blocking the ability of a court to stop development until the year 2021. supporters say the development provides up to $1 million in new property tax revenues for the schools. opponents say netflix has signed a lease agreement to stay and the legal challenges are about responsible development in the town. no word on how many signatures will be needed to get this on the ballot. >> happening now, this is the first weekday commute since the new fourth bore of t
Nov 7, 2013 4:30am PST
talked with google about his mysterious barge on the bay and he shares with us what he thinks should happen next. >>> continuing coverage on a child abduction we first told you about at 4:30. the sunnyville mother awaits his return after the boy's father took him to mexico. the boy was found safe and the boy was allegedly abducted by his 22-year-old father. through an interpreter waiting for word was very difficult. >> i was really afraid i would not be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. >> he crossed into mexico through arizona despite an amber alert. authorities learned he was wanted and aboarder patrol said they should have been aware of the alert even though it came from california. he is expected to turn over the baby at the lukeville border crossing. >>> they are looking for an arsonist set by two brush fires. it is happening on almond and walnut roads. it started in the 17,000 block of wall mut and almond street. the two arsons come after a strength of suspicious fires in the area. there have been at least ten other suspicious fires in reason weeks.
Nov 9, 2013 10:30pm PST
before. this is what we used his inheritance for. this lead to the polio vaccine. this is one person who reveres him. suzie. she was born with clubbed feet. it's now for spinal diseases. these were men put to work. you could go to a library and check out toys. these are three themes i identified. beauty, permanence. this is a minor's wife. she doesn't look like a dorothy lang photographer. i am sure she felt better. these are stair cases in new deal buildings. part of the idea, i think this is really an expression of the old arts and crafts movement, which elnor roosevelt was part it. this was a janitor, once he checked me out, he said, come on in, i have to show you something. there was a beautiful wood laid mosaic. this is a marble mosai c. this is at the national zoo. and there's the beautiful rock work. they didn't build porto potties. this is a restroom in yosemite. we discovered these above phoenix. then there's art work which celebrates people doing ordinary but indispensable stuff. this is up at timber line lodge. they were not used to seeing them or getting classes in journalis
Nov 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
homebuilding but the funds would tells us we need to grow an economy and debris i quite frankly as president in the region it's fueled by ideas and manufacturing because those are linoleum are linked powered by carbon and driven by exports and dmroenl engagement but we build a economy like that we can begin to grow better jobs but the last exactly we went from 80 million to 1 hundred and 70 million people. in theory we want people to restructure the economy from one growth populated to another. well, the federal government has left the building and they don't seem to be coming back soon laughter purify or so we have the good news that the mayor's and businesses and civic leaders it could produce their communities their stepping up and doing the hard work to grow jobs and make their economies more prosperous and respond to enlightenment and environmental chamdz. their equipping workings with the stills they need. power in many rights it rovlg down in the united states and leaders across the sectors a stepping up. this is a big structural shift and how we think about who runs america and who g
Nov 12, 2013 1:35am PST
that cbs and all of us affiliated companies in no way endorse the nailing of my body part to any piece of anything. no matter how heartfelt your opinions, it's always best to debate rather than -- although sometimes, you know -- geoff: yeah. craig: sometimes actions speak louder than words that's all i'm saying. i think we should get out of here. say good night. [cheers and applause] captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, super typhoon that shatteree philippines. (new1) >>> he almost got blown away. tonight we take you inside the super typhoon that shattered the philippines. >>> first, joe vazquez that has latest pictures from the waf math. joe. >> take a look at this. this is google earth map. this is a picture before the storm. look at this. the after picture, one of the regions hit hardest. nearly every building gone. >> families shattered, entire communities are no more. >> every building is either significantly damaged or destroyed. >> it's 15 to 25-not wave came across intir villages and so everything is wiped out. >> even in a region
Nov 27, 2013 11:00am PST
in the middle of the night. >> thanks for joining us. >> that self-proclaimed arsonist is in custody. amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> residents say it has been a terrible last few days of erratic behavior including turning on the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night and leaving it on for hours, shouting and banging on the walls and they are not surprised he is accused of setting the building on fire. many of them now are learning from people who have been inside that their homes are completely destroyed. when firefighters arrived at 2:50 they had to fight it from the outside because it was so big. as they tried to put it out, one of the residents confessed on camera, that he used a lighter to set fire to the building. >> i'm the one that started it. i take full responsibility. >> what happened? >> crazy. they tryied to make people think i was crazy. >> he was rescued from the balcony and then police took him into custody shielding him from the public with a blanket and charged prado with arson. >> i'm in shock realizing i probably lost everything. >> seven people lived ins
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
underneath the water. the most heavily used bart station in the entire system. we are staying on top of this breaking news and will bring you up dates as to when the situation is resolved. >>> happening now hundred of people gathering at a candlelight memorial of a football coach who died last week trying to help others after a traffic accident. he spent nearly 30 years at johnf kennedy high school. he was still teaching. we are told he planned to return as an assistant football coach next season. >> he personal saved my life. i was heading down a rough path and he sat me down and showed me how to be a man. >> he was an awesome teacher and person. >> here's a look at the scene. he was killed early saturday as he got out of a car to direct traffic away from an accident. >>> now a teenagers is near death after being struck by a car. it happened sunday on north white avenue and highland near james wick high school. >> pray for is the campaign friends are circulating privately on instagram. >> she was a beautiful girl and i loved her and this is the way she wanted it. >> but her boyfrien
Nov 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
was killed by a falling power line along the 2700 block of austin street. and cheryl herd joins us from oakland with more. >> reporter: as you can see, it's pretty windy out here. the trees are sweeping back and forth. but just around the corner on east 22nd and austin street, a man was killed because of the wind. a 30-foot tree limb came crashing down on a man who was on his motorcycle in a driveway. this happened about 8:15 tonight. power lines came down with the tree limb. and right now, police are not ready to tell us if he was electrocuted or not. >> the guy was getting on his motorcycle or getting off his motorcycle. and the tree branch fell over and killed him. when i got here, everything was blocked off. >> reporter: down the road, firefighters were battling a two-alarm fire in an abandoned grocery store. and the wind didn't make things easy for them. this happened around 7:00 tonight. but around 10:00 tonight, it was all under control. the wind added a layer of difficulty for firefighters, they're telling me tonight. but back here live, you can see the wind is whipping up aroun
Nov 1, 2013 4:30am PDT
is injured and another man has serious injuries. the chp just told us told us two construction worker were working on the shoulder they were hit by a silver knee son. what they were doing is moving one of those road work ahead signs. the gentleman that passed away he was pinned against his own work truck. he is also a contacted worker. the driver of that silver nissan is at the hospital. he is suffering from life threatening injuries. again lots of emergency vehicles here. we are told the two workers were out here to work on emergency repair. there was a dip in the roadway they were working on. i want to go to officer ryan with the chp. how is this effecting traffic? >> we have two of the three lanes closed right now. we are trying to keep the traffic flowing but we do need to preserve our scene. >> how long will it stay like this? >> my estimations are probably an hour and a half. >> reporter: have you talked to some of the other construction workers for that contractor? i believe they started arriving on scene. how are they doing? >> they are pretty shook up. there is a lot of risk invol
Nov 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
savidge got a closeup look at the work and joins us live. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. i'm standing on the lower deck of the old eastern span. right now, up above us, there are crews busy at work and they are tearing apart a portion of the upper deck. while there's a lot of heavy machinery busy and working up there on the upper deck, drivers coming across the new bay bridge probably won't even notice what's going on. caltrans led a tour on the old eastern span of the bay bridge, where crews have started dismantling the 14-long foot section of roadway. jack hammers, saws and excavators are removing concrete and rebar. this portion of the upper deck is between the two steel peaks. the work will take six weeks to complete. as they tear this apart, it's possible rebar and concrete could fall. but the contractors have put in place a containment system to catch all of the debris. >> obviously the bottom deck is there to catch anything that falls but also to avoid any of it could fall in the bay. >> reporter: clearing away this portion of the upper deck will allow c
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. a woman was evaluated by paramedics on a stretcher. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us that one of the dogs was killed by police when it charged at them. >>> reporter: sharp scratches on a car are left behind from two stray dogs and this large dent after one victim tried to climb on top of the car to get away from them and these bite marks show the aftermath of wednesday night's dog attack. >> they came at me, got my arms first and then my leg and i kicked it with my other leg right when it was about to scratch it. >> reporter: it started because a man was walking two dogs along this trail when he was attacked by two loose dogs and that's when a family nearby heard the commotion. fisher went outside to see what was happening. >> my dad on top of the blue car and i didn't see the dogs behind the car. >> reporter: that's when she was bitten on the arm and the leg. her father came out to help and took a bite to the face. >> my dad, he's on the blue car. she was walking backwards with a gardening tool and she [ indiscernible ] the red dog, okay, and the red dog yelps and she brings
Nov 25, 2013 5:00am PST
, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, we are taking you out to the oakland coliseum and if you didn't hear what happened, it is just an incredible story of a woman jumping from one of the desk at the raiders game and just as incredible as a map talks with her >> good among, i am dave clark, steve, how is it looking? >> it looks cold and we have clear skies and we have a lot of 30s, a few 30s to go average around and spare the air kicks in tonight and we are struggling for a few, maybe a few high clouds late, there is not much of a breeze, a cold morning, hazy skies, then temperatures are mainly in the upper 50s he is special hi from morgan hill. >> steve you are looking good, it is a nice looking driven coming into san francisco, no major problems into the city no major problems as you drive on the san mateo bridge and that traffic is looking good, it are is getting a little bit slower there driving into the main part of cop correct tformed. >>> a woman is footing for her life after jumping from. deck of the raiders game. tara moriarty is here
Nov 11, 2013 10:00pm PST
home. >> reporter: u.s. marines are now on the ground beginning distribution of much needed supplies and ferrying relief efforts. the military is using u.s.s. washington. still help is too late for untold numbers of dead. and for now there's nowhere for those bodies to go. it's a heartbreaking scene for a bay area family who's owned loved one is among the typhoon victims. >> all the funeral homes are destroyed. so they want to put him in a mass grave and my cousin doesn't want to. i don't blame her because that's her dad. that's my uncle. you don't want him to be buried like that. >> reporter: the philippines president had a message, stay calm, keep prays and stay united. >> the storm has moved through vietnam and into china. what's the status there? >> reporter: it hit vietnam with half the wind speed as in the philippines. still it hit china with 60-mile an hour winds, it's now a tropical storm. $60million of damage has been done. a cargo ship was ripped from its mourings and sent out to sea. >>> in san francisco on this veteran's day,filipino veterans collected money and supplies
Nov 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
francisco transform ed transformed on this d gotham gotham city. rob roth shows us how a single wish brought to this little boy surviving cancer. >> today's the county transformed and went off to fight crime. and, received a hero welcome where ever he went. >> it is a great story, i am proud of his family for doing all this and i am glad and proud of the bay area everybody coming together and making this kid's wish comes true >> the story touched people, they wanted to be apart of it so they cheered at union square and danced on cue. >> it was all part of a plan catching off bad guys and lucille. bat kid and bat man fled the city and rescued the city. right now it is about noon and the bat mobile is parked on union square and the bat kid is having lunch at the burger bar and thousands of people gathered to cheered him on. this man dressed up as robin and brought his son that's the same age of miles. >> this is awesome and epic. schoolteacher took a vacation day to be here. >> it is fun and good for the souls. >> the police officers told us what a true fun day for this in the city. >> he foug
Nov 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
generation and those who come after us. it's my pleasure to introduce assemblywoman nancy skinner (clapping) >> good afternoon distinguished guests officials, elected and others and my constituents. it is a wonderful day and i'll i'm so thrilled to be here. i want to thank mayor brown and, of course, other senators that - and the other officials who figure out so hard to make that a beautiful world-class structure that rivals the golden gate bridge. as a san franciscan native i can say that. i feel like i've come full circle as my father and grandfather we deserve the whole bay as he does the world-class bridge. now we're standing in my colleagues district who is from district 18 and allow me to introduce my other colleagues - apologizes assembly members himself mark levine the tenth district and assemblyman from the 22 district and from the 19 and assembly member from the 25th (clapping) >> now mayor brown made a very i think prospective statement when he talked about the bay area wanted a bridge that expresses the daring the human innut and symbols the splendor of oakland and the ante b
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Nov 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
is left of it moving across the mid-atlantic. very cool air is moving in behind us. florida, and a cold one eventually all across the eastern seaboard by the morning hours. get ready for a temperature difference. temperatures into the 20s, getting down into the mid-20s all the way toward the blame on. cold temperatures, combined with a lot of the rain that fell on the roads. a lot of the roads will freeze quickly. a dangerous night tonight on some of the roads in tomorrow morning. temperatures starting to cool down towards new york city, warmer towards boston, the front moving through and by midnight, rain and precipitation is gone, but we will see the winds kicking in, we will see some lake effect snow continue and look at your temperatures for tomorrow all the way through the entire day, 20s through much of new england, barely getting to the freezing mark in new york. a cool day across the area. the rest of the country is not much warmer. down towards dallas, cold area here for your thanksgiving in tomorrow, most of the precipitation is gone and we just have to get through the next fe
Nov 3, 2013 9:00am PST
you can >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 3rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. the sun was up at 6:38, setting at 5:08. the live doppler shows us we are clear to start out but the wind advisory still up in the north bay hills through tomorrow morning. it will be breezy above about 1,000 feet and then a few more clouds. 4s and 50s now but we will be in the 60s around the bay and inland noontime. 50s at the coast right on through the afternoon. partly cloudy, cooler and breezy today. we will look for the pattern to continue for the next day or so. but then more changes on the way. i'll have them coming up in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we begin this morning with developing news out of west oakland. firefighters have finally been able to put out a two-alarm fire an 11th street. it began around 6:30 this morning. officials say firefighters arrived and found flames coming out of the one-story building. the cause of that fire is now u
Nov 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
from surgery in a san francisco burn center. laura anthony joins us live. laura? >> reporter: this is a case, he was barely visible and after the hearing his mother did speak with us she said her son is very remorseful, that he didn't realize someone could be hurt so badly. the d.a.has a very different take on it. >> i'm sorry for what happened. >> as they left the courtroom, the family of richard thomas says thomas is not a hateful person despite what charges against him might indicate. >> reporter: what kind of boy is he? >> he's a good kid very good kid. >> he was joking around. >> reporter: a junior in high school, he is charged with felony assault and mayhem. police say he lit the passenger on fire, while fleeshman was asleep on the bus monday afternoon. fleeshman wearing a skirt the victims' parents say the 18-year-old doesn't identify as male or feel yale. the district attorney released a statement quote, richard thomas violence and senseless conduct resulted in severe trauk injuries to a young, innocent victim. in the criminal complaint the officer said, quote, dur
Nov 21, 2013 6:00am PST
lip which led to the battery charge. some students this morning told us they were surprised it happened here. >> it is again the norm to think that anyone would do that to a person to another human being ...just hurts to happen in our dorms. that crazy. >> the prosecution says they decided to file the hate crime charge because of the bullying and symbols of hatred and the fact he was the only person of color in the suite and the only one targeted. the three students could face a year in county jail. the black student union is holding a rally today at noon on campus. >> now the latest on the palo alto retiree being held prisoner in north korea, the 8 a year old has been stuck in the country if three weeks and our reporter, katie marzullo, is monitoring the story. >> his son says they are trying to get his heart medication to him. the swedish ambassador got it to the foreign affairs ministry but they do not know if he has it. the swedish department start is coordinating with the korean embassy. he was traveling with a friend who lives at th
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